John Callard Memorial Scholarship


This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior varsity athlete from Rancho Alamitos High School (RAHS) who is pursuing both academics and athletics at a community college. 

Who Was John Callard?

The John Callard Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of beloved teacher and coach.

October 20, 1988 was John Callard Night at the Rancho-Grove football game. John was presented a plaque with the following:  "In appreciation for your many contributions to the rich history of Rancho Football. More than any other you have defined what it means to be a proud Vaquero. For your 25 years of coaching, 11 years as head coach, 9 years as B coach, 5 years as an assistant coach, and 33 years as a teacher. Your name is synonymous with Rancho Alamitos. You have touched so many lives in a positive way. Rancho won't be the same without you."

It was appropriate that this night, a Rancho versus Grove game, was the night he was honored as a Rancho legend. Garden Grove was the greatest rivalry so much so that John NEVER graded papers with RED INK - only GREEN. Go Vaqueros!

Over the years, his quiet mentoring went far beyond the football field and the classroom. From the kind words of many former students emerge the same sentiments. John was the teachers teacher. He nurtured each student with encouragement to bolster their self-esteem. He took a confusing math class and made it simple while easing their fears. He turned the mundane into the exciting thereby igniting sparks that would propel many students into brilliant careers they never thought possible.

More than the patient caring encouragement he gave each of his students was the lessons he taught us by living his life with integrity, compassion and joy.

In addition to being a truly great football strategist and coach, John was a mentor to his players guiding them in life as well as on the field. We don't know who loved who more - John's love of his football players or the football player's love of John. But one thing remains true, they all loved football! In Johns 11 years of head coaching, his teams accumulated a record of 61-41-1, with 6 league championships and 2 co-championships.

Scholarship Requirements

This scholarship is to be awarded to a graduating senior varsity athlete from Rancho Alamitos High School (RAHS) who is pursuing further education at a community college.  Renewable for a second year as criteria continue to be met.


  • Accumulative GPA of 2.5 or better
  • Varsity athletic participation
  • School and/or volunteer service
  • Become a full-time college student (at least 12 units)

Application to Include:

  • Personal information: name; address; phone number; transcript with GPA; three references (one of a teacher/administrator, one from a coach, and one personal)
  • School athletics, including athletic achievements
  • School activities
  • Volunteer service
  • Employment history
  • College plans
  • Short-term and long-term goals


  • Copy of scholarship announcement posted in Guidance Office
  • Application available in Guidance Office
  • Application deadline: 2nd Friday in May
  • Completed forms to be picked up at RAHS from Trang Ferguson
  • RA3 Scholarship Committee will screen applications
  • Personal interviews will be scheduled with top candidates
  • Winner will be selected and presented at the RAHS Awards Program
  • Money will be awarded when winner submits a copy of college registration.
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